Extreme Couponing

I must admit, I love this show. But only from an entertainment standpoint. There has been a few times I noticed fraud on the show(mostly J'amie) and that doesn't sit well with me and many others. The show would have been better suited to show regular couponing people getting their deals, how they get the deals, how to shop at xyz store etc but we all know that would never happen because it's all about ratings. I firmly believe TLC either knew or just doesn't care what the couponers on the show do or don't do because either way, the ratings are high. People will be talking about the show at work and online etc. I always have to keep one thing in mind when watching...it IS called EXTREME couponing. I think it's giving regular coupon people a bad rep though and that's a shame.

Do you watch this show? What do you think about it?


DP said…
I wish i could coupon and buy a ton of stuff and only pay a few dollars for everything. I wish they would spill how and where they find their coupons and be more in detail with it. Haha, but I enjoy the show. Following you back :-)

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