Giant PA-Hot DEAL!

I just have to say that I love love love my local Giant PA stores. They double $1.00 coupons every day. I get so much free and cheap stuff it's unreal. Anyhow, my post today will be about the latest Hallmark/P&G/Kellogg's Deal they have going on until 5/14.

Okay so first, they had an ad in the flyer, both this week and last, that states "Buy any 3 Hallmark Cards, get a Catalina coupon for $5.00 on your next purchase. The 99 cent cards are included in this and using your Bonuscard, you save another .10 cents per card.

So the first transaction looked like this:

(3) .99 cent cards= $2.97
-.30 cents off with card=$2.67 plus tax, receive (1) $5.00 OYNO coupon.

Subsequent transactions:

(6) .99 cent cards-$5.94
-.60 cents with card-$5.34 plus tax, use $5 coupon from previous transaction, pay .66 cents and get (2) $5 coupons for next order.

Rinse and repeat. I did this so many times and now still have about $40.00 left.

Then, they had a promo last week and this week, where when you spend $100 on Kellogg's and/or P&G products, you got a form to fill out to get a $25.00 VISA card mailed to you.

I took loads of my P&G coupons from the Sunday paper, and made small orders of just over $5.00 after those coupons, used the $5 on my next purchase coupons and paid little for each order. This deal is BEFORE the use of coupons.

In all, I spent $12.xx in P&G products to get the $25.00 VISA card.

I have about 70 some Hallmark cards and paid out of pocket about $12.xx for those and still have $40.00 in $5 Catalinas to spend at Giant.


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