Guilty Pleasures?

While this may not be a "lately" post, it's my blog and I will post what I feel like ;)

Anyhoo, do you have any guilty pleasures? You know, you like stuff secretly because others might poke fun at you or you like things that are not age appropriate? I'll share mine if you share yours! lol

1.I like to "jam" out to Elton Johns "Tiny Dancer" when no ones around. I'm only 31 so most people my age don't like him and would make fun of me for it. :)

2. I like to watch iCarly and Hannah Montana. Don't tell anyone! lol


KPort207 said…
I should add that my daughter DOES NOT like watching iCarly or Hannah Montana...
I saw your post on Bloggy Moms and popped over to follow on GFC, FB and Twitter. My guilty pleasure?? The Kardashians... I can't help but to watch them when ever I get a free moment. Not that I obsess but if my girls are watching I will sit and watch with them.

LOL Have a great weekend!
Columba Lisa said…
I sneak chocolate chips when the kids aren't looking! lol!
MelsDeals said…
I just followed you. Love your blog. My guilty pleasure is Oreo's after the littles bedtime!
Melissa said…
Guilty pleasure for me is listening to country music. I grew up on it and none of my friends or hubby can stand it. It reminds me of the Saturdays when Mom would blast it to get us all in the mood for cleaning. Visiting from the finding new friends blog hop! you are being followed ;)

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