Lately, I have gotten 40 bottles of Nivea body wash for women for free, just paid .18 cents tax for each one. They are $3.00 at Walmart and there was a $3.00 coupon in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago. The coupon expires today so if you have this coupon, hurry and use it!

So what deals have you gotten lately, with or without coupons?


Tairalyn said…
Wow! Impressive!
Can't say that Walmart here in Canada would allow this - I sure wish they would!

Here from MBC and would love for you to pop by Little Miss Mama for a visit?

Yours newest follower!

Unknown said…
I now follow you.

I didn't get all 40 bottles at once. In fact, it took about 20 trips to Walmart before I could get all of them. I have 2 local Walmart stores and either both were sold out, one had a few bottles, the other had a few. Honestly, I am glad I don't have to deal with it anymore and was able to eventually use all the coupons I had! And before anyone jumps on me about 40 bottles, both my daughter and I use it, I use it to make bubble bath for her as well and gave some away to my mom. It will get used!
Kristen said…
Wow, that's amazing. Good job!

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