New foods lately?

Has anyone tried any new foods or drinks lately? Any new recipes?

Please share! I am so tired of the same stuff! Need new ideas!


lovinangels said…
I'm on a risotto kick. It's like my favorite thing to make.
LifeBelowZero said…
Hello! Stopping by to give you a follow back, LOVE your blog. Liked you on FB, too.

Lateley I've been on a fresh homegrown salad kick. I wash out
old plastic meat trays, fill them with potting soil, sprinkle in a tablespoon of osmocote, stir, then add salad mix garden seeds and set under a shop light hung low. I keep the soil moist, not soggy and wala
I have my famous living salads!

I've taught my family to make our own Salad Vinaigrette made with fresh herbs, yum.

Life Below Zero
Try They haves ton of great recipes with reviews so you will know which ones are winners.
New follower from MBC, all the best!
Deb K said…
I get in the same rut as you.Now that the weather is nicer we have been cooking on the grill.

I am now following you from MBC :-)

You can find me here~

Gloria said…
I keep a large assortment of herbs and spices and make up new combinations to add to ordinary food items, this way the same basic food has a new flavor. Sometimes it's Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.

Quick Chili and Cornbread Casserole:

1 can of chili without beans or with, add any spices or hot sauce and heat it up a little.

1 pkg of Jiffy Cornbread or use Bisquick (I use cornbread)-make it according to pkg directions.

Put chili in a square pan or casserole dish, add shredded cheese if you like, Top this with the cornbread batter, I sprinkle parsley on top for color, Bake according to cornbread pkg directions. Enjoy with a side salad or green beans, or not. Cheap, cheerful, and no leftovers (usually serves 2-4)

Let me know if you try this.
Unknown said…

It sounds yummy! I will try it over the next couple of weeks!

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