Roku Review

If you haven't heard of a product called Roku, then you must be living under a rock. ;) It's one of the BEST products out there today in the technology world. With the economy what it is and with the high prices of everything, including cable, many of us are looking for alternatives.

Roku is a little black box that is less than 5 inches wide and about 1 inch tall.

They have three options available for purchase. The HD, the XD and the XD/S. Prices start from $59.99 for the HD up to $99.99 for the XD/S and you can purchase these on Roku or Amazon.I have the HD and have had it for over a year now and have NEVER had any issues with it. If I did, it did come with a 1 year warranty, which is great.

What's so special about a little box you ask?

Well you could potentially save hundreds of dollars per year by getting one of these and getting rid of your cable. It streams entertainment content INSTANTLY to your TV. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up, seriously. You only need a wireless connection.

They have lots of channels available for streaming and lots are free. Some require a monthly membership fee such as Netflix and Hulu Plus but they are quite reasonable for what you get. With Netflix, you can get your DVD's still mailed to your home PLUS you can stream UNLIMITED movies and TV shows via Roku for the same price! Seriously, my daughter watches so much on Netflix streaming, it's crazy. It's also saved me TONS of money because I don't have to buy her DVDs. I admit, I watch it as well because I'm addicted to Law & Order SVU and they have like 11 seasons via streaming. There are other channels like Pandora Radio, which is free and Amazon on Demand.

It also comes with a remote which is great. The remote is SUPER easy to navigate and use. My 6 year old uses it like a pro.

So if you're tired of paying a ridiculous cable bill, only to have nothing to watch, check into getting a Roku. It's awesome! I would highly recommend one of these to anyone!


Unknown said…
I am living under a rock, I suppose. We have Dish Network. Can anyone tell me how it would compare?
Unknown said…
It would mostly depend on what movies and/or TV shows you watch on Dish. Netflix streaming does not have current episodes of most TV shows available on it but it does have lots of previous seasons. Most of the movies available via Netflix streaming are a bit older but you can get the newer movies mailed to your home and that's included in the membership. I pay $9.99 a month plus tax for unlimited Netflix streaming and 1 DVD mailed to my home at a time. There are other memberships available such as streaming only and more DVDs mailed to your home at a time. Hulu Plus is a channel available on Roku that I believe(I do not have this) has some current episodes available to watch on it. Hulu Plus I believe is $7.99 a month. Personally, I am not a huge TV show watcher but the shows I DO like and watch, I watch the current episodes either on or on the networks websites.

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