Sense of Relief

Today, I have a sense of relief. My daughter was just diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder(PDD), with ADHD traits. She has had issues since she was 2 1/2 and she is now 6. I feel like now I can finally breathe because someone went above agreeing with me and actually evaluated her and came to this conclusion. Now the work begins with a behavior specialist and a TSS. I have been waiting years for this and now it's a reality. Her behaviors are a real issue socially etc and now hopefully with lots of work, we can learn how to deal with them.

Does anyones child have PDD or on the spectrum at all? Any tips or strategies? Do you work with a TSS etc?

Please do share but if you don't want to comment, you can feel free to email me. Any information provided by you would never be shared by me with anyone.


Comments said…
I've not had any experience with it but I'm glad youve got a diagnosis and can now address it.

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Unknown said…
Thanks, follow you
Unknown said…
You really have a lot on your hands first of all being a single mother. I have a son with different issues but it took a long time for anything to ever get done about it. If her treatment team specifies a treatment plan for her...stay on top of making the school system follow through with it. Squeeky wheels get the son is now graduating on time, but it didn't come easy.
It took a lot of work, diagnosis, medication and following through with the plans from the doctor/team. Thanks for joining my blog. I hope I post something you can use from time to time.
LifeBelowZero said…
My son is PDD and ADD an adult now, functioning perfectly well, working, and enjoying life. I finally had to home school him but it was worth the effort. We had to remove sugar and food dye from his diet. LOL his teachers treated me like a criminal because he was ADD. To look at him now, you would never know, so hang in there, things will get better as she grows up.
Anonymous said…
Just be careful with those meds that doctors give to kids nowadays. Support and love I think is the best remedy. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Many blessings,
Espanol para Ninos
Unknown said…
@jewell-Thanks for the advice. In fact, the school has been VERY slow to even mention anything to me about her behavior so I am probably in for a long road.

@LifeBelowZero-Thanks for the supportive words. I know with the help we are going to get, it will help.

@jbplbarbara-I agree totally. Medicine has not been mentioned at all at this point. Even if it was, I wouldn't try it until other things were tried first.

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