Ok so it's no secret from those people who know me that my 2 favorite things are shopping/coupons and sweepstakes. I enter all of my sweepstakes at www.online-sweepstakes.com. It's the BEST website I have ever found in regards to sweepstakes. They have great forums with topics from everything from sweepstakes(duh), What's for Dinner Tonight to just What's on your Mind?. The people on there are the MOST helpful and friendly folks I have ever come to know on a website. While I don't post very often on there, I DO read all of the posts and have come to "know" most of the members. My most favorite type of sweepstakes to enter are blogs. Mostly because of the low odds but also because I like reading the reviews of the products as well. I have won over $1,000 worth of products just in 2011 and 99% of the wins were from blogs. I have yet to decide whether or not to post all of my wins on my blog or not. I guess time will tell.


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