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I cannot believe it is almost August. Where has the summer gone? My daughter goes back to school August 30th but its time to think about back to school for her. This means getting all of the school supplies in order and of course, getting all of her school clothing purchased.

My daughter has always had an odd sense of style when it comes to clothing. When she was an infant, I would try to dress her up in pretty little dresses but she NEVER was having it. She would cry until I took it off and put her into more comfortable clothing. As a toddler, she would strongly prefer tomboyish clothing. This meant no girly dresses, no girly tshirts and no girly skirts. I couldn't even put her into girly jeans. I once purchased her a real cute girly outfit that had bows on the shirt and shorts and over the course of the day, she managed to pull off ALL the bows because she hated them.

In the recent few years, my daughter has been having many behavioral and emotional issues, which I recently found out to be due to having PDD-NOS (an Autism Spectrum Disorder) so buying clothing for her has been a bit difficult in another area. She has become super sensitive to things that are tight, some seams on clothing, tags on clothing and certain fabrics that tend to be itchy.

Needless to say, it's been a bit rough trying to suit her needs. I usually have to find items with no tags or cut the tags off, buying clothing a bit larger so it's not too tight on her etc. She still won't wear dresses or dress up but she doesn't mind wearing things with bows and other girly clothing items anymore.

My daughter, however, LOVES accessories. She loves any type of hair accessories you can buy. From headbands to barrettes to ponytail holders, she loves them. I love to accessorize her hair to match her outfits for that day.

Her style is totally unique. If I let her choose all the clothing at the store, nothing would match and the outfits would be awful. I guess her sense of style isn't practical or safe to leave the house in. Once I told her she could pick out any pair of shoes she wanted. Yep, you guessed it. She picked out the neon pink pair. So from now on, with clothing, accessories and shoes, I tell her she can pick but I will have the final say as to whether or not I think it's appropriate for her.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking her back to school clothes shopping and hope that I can let her have her little bit of unique style, without looking horrendous! Wish me luck!

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Brenda H said…
How are you able to finally find clothing that she will keep on? Thank you for sharing your story...
Pink Lady said…
Way different than my boys, who couldnt care less what I put on them. Following you back from Rosey Glasses.
Marina said…
Well, at least she is different and unique, that's also good sometimes..

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