Netflix Price Hike!

I want to start off by saying that I LOVE Netflix and have been a member for a few years. I love the ability to stream movies and TV shows via computer, via Roku and via my bluray player in my living room. That said..

I was very upset to receive an email that said I would have to pay more for the services I already had. Seriously Netflix? You just had a price hike not that long ago!

A few months ago, I was paying $8.99 a month for 1 DVD out at a time and unlimited streaming. Then a price hike came along and the price went up to $9.99 a month. Okay, it was only a dollar so I paid it.

NOW to get the same 1 DVD at a time and unlimited streaming, Netflix wants $15.98 a month? Yes I am a frugal person but I had to draw the line with a 60% increase.

Can I afford it? Absolutely.
Is it WORTH $15.98 a month? YES!

But I rarely sit and watch the mailed to my home DVD's. I looked at the mailed to my home DVDs as a bonus for subscribing to the streaming so basically with that said, I would be paying $15.98 a month for streaming and I'm just not willing to do that.

So I went ahead and canceled the 1 DVD at home at a time plan and am just sticking with unlimited streaming for $7.99 a month.

Are you a Netflix user? What did you decide to do in response to this recent price hike?


Terra H. said…
I was a Netflix subscriber but cancelled a couple of months ago. It seems that a lot of the movies from streaming are older with not many newer movies available. Now that the price has went up, I definitely won't be resubscribing.
About A Mom said…
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Returning the follow. My use of Netflix is opposite of yours. I only use the DVD by mail option and was glad to see I could now save $2 by selecting just that!
Thanks for the follow following you back :)
I cancelled, but it's not because of the price hike. I cancelled because I got my cable back and felt that having Netflix was a bit redundant.
Army of Moms said…
I cancled the whole shabang. I was a Netflix member years ago and it was going up like every 6 months so I canceled then it went down and I re upped. I figure if enough people cancle out right they will lower the price again.

Following you back Welcome to the ARMY!
freesocial said…
Following back from
Thanks :)
Kelly said…
Hello, new follower here!

I switched to the streaming only version as well. I've been happy with Netflix and I would completely get rid of Directv if it weren't for my hubby's addiction to Sunday Ticket!

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