No Air Conditioning!

Lord help me! My central AC unit isn't working properly. It's 92 degrees out and will be near 100 tomorrow.

The best part? The part needed to repair it, will take a week to get here. My daughter gets super cranky in the heat and so do I.

HELP! :)


Sassy said…
Aw, hang in there, both of you. Lot's of showers, fans and cool liquids.:)

Terra Heck said…
Wowzers, I feel for ya. The heat has been a scorcher. Try to drink lots of water and stay in a fan.
Unknown said…
Oh boy!! I feel for you as well! I pray that part comes in a lot faster than they expect it to. Hang in there!!

Thank you for the follow :) I'm now following you too.

Kat said…
We live in Florida and our AC unit broke on July 3rd sometime between 3-4am. I woke up at 4am because I was sweating to death.
It's not central AC, just a window unit, and we had to wait until a friend could drive us to home depot after they got done working to buy a new one and install it for us.
I did nothing but lay on the couch in a t-shirt and my underwear for the entire day with 3 box fans blowing on me.

Trust me, I feel your pain, I know it all too well.
Hope it's all fixed now.
Ugh I totally feel your pain!

I went almost 2 years without air conditioning here in Florida. I broke down and got a room one because I was dying of heat stroke. haha not really. :(

Following you back! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D
BJM said…
SO sorry abour your air conditioning. I can't imagine a day with out it; I live in Arizona:) Stopping by to thank you for the follow. I am now your newest follower!
Me said…
thanks for visiting Couponing your newest follower
That is terrible! So sorry to hear about your air conditioner. I would be running to the nearest store to pick up a window unit!! Thanks for following me at Organic Planet:

I am now following you back! Hang in there.
~ Mona said…
Oh my gosh. I feel your pain. The last time our weather was like this was 5 yrs ago - when we lost our central air.
It was awful.
I wrote a post Wednesday giving tips to keep cool.
I'm now following.
~ Mona : )
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Anonymous said…
so do i luckily its not hot enough here to worry
Theresa said…
I hope that your AC is working by now! I live in Texas and can't imagine life without an AC even for one day! I would be hanging out in church for the day!
Thanks for stopping by and following. I am now following you back and really like your blog.

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