FoundIt Review

We've all felt that terrible feeling when we have lost something. Whether it's the keys, a digital camera or a MP3 player. Kids are bound to lose their things as well. What if there was a way to increase the chances that your lost item would be returned? That's exactly why FoundIt was created.

About FoundIt
We know how it feels to lose something important. So we started FoundIt™ as a lost and found that connects the Finder and the Owner (the FoundIt™ member) instantly. We are a lost item retrieval network. It works great for anything that's easily lost but hard to replace, like phones, and laptops, keys and cameras, jackets and tennis rackets. (All while keeping your private information private.) It's a simple way for people to return your lost items.

I was asked to review the FoundIt MacDaddy family package. Included in the MacDaddy family package is:

  • 4 years access to FoundIt Network
  • Set of 62 stickers
  • 2 key tags
  • 3 bag tags
  • 1 luggage tag/ID card
  • 2 round tags (pet tag)
My Thoughts
What a great concept! I have lost many things over the course of my life and even though my daughter is only 6, she has lost a few items as well. As Americans, we take our cell phones, laptops, MP3 players and digital cameras with us wherever we go, which leaves us open to forgetting them along the way. With FoundIt, you can increase your odds of having your lost items recovered. On all of the stickers and tags, there is a personal ID number. This ID number is either texted to FoundIt or imputed at the FoundIt website by whoever finds your lost item. FoundIt then contacts you via email and text message to let you know your item was found. Then you can get in touch with the finder and get your item back. When I got my kit, I immediately put stickers/key tag on a few items including my keys, my daughters Leapster Explorer and my eye glasses case. I also put stickers on my digital camera, my iPhone and my daughters Nintendo DS. So how does it work exactly you might be thinking? I was worried about my privacy at first but after reading about how FoundIt protects your identity, I think it's fabulous! I now feel a bit less worried when my daughter wants to take her Leapster Explorer out to the park etc because if we happen to forget it, the chances for recovery are increased with FoundIt and our information is protected from whoever does find it. Obviously though, not everyone out there will try to find the owner of a lost item but for the 4 year coverage at $24.99, it's worth the investment.

FoundIt FAQ

How does FoundIt work?
It's simple: you affix stickers with your FoundIt ID to things you might lose. If you lose one of them, the good person who finds it can just simply text your FoundIt ID or enter it on our website. We'll contact the FoundIt Member by text message and email, so they'll know instantly that their item has been found.
Why should I use FoundIt and not just put labels with my address and phone number on my stuff?
Putting your personal information on your belongings means that anybody who finds your stuff now has your personal information. Most people don't consider that a good idea for a lot of reasons. FoundIt lets you accomplish the same thing, with better, more current information, while remaining secure and anonymous. What's more, you can use the same FoundIt ID even if you move or change phone numbers.
Do I have to meet the person who found my property?
Only if you want to. You can ask the finder to leave your property with a restaurant manager, or building security, for example. Although they sound like a nice person, if you do meet in person, it's a good idea to meet in a safe public place. And avoid giving out personal information such as your home address.
Visit FoundIt for more information or to sign up.
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