Google PR Rank Updated Again

For all you bloggers out there, you know that Googles PR Rank is an important number and Google usually doesn't update it too often. They updated about a month ago so I was surprised to see it updated again today.

I went from a PR of 0 to a PR of 2. YAY!

Go check out your PR rank to see if it's changed :)


My PR went down, so I'm not really loving google. But i haven't been loving them for a while now....I prefer MozRank!
However, I don't really think those ranks mean anything in the long run. If you have the traffic and people keep coming back to chat you up, if you spin that the right way, advertisers like that, right? That's my story and I'm sticking with it. LOL.
I'm visiting from vB and members to remember!

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