Kuhn Rikon Farmers Market Knives Review

I love to cook but am embarrassed to say that most of my kitchen tools could be in better shape. The worst tools in my kitchen are my knives. They are a few years old and are pretty dull. Everyone knows that sharp knives are not the real danger in the kitchen; it's the dull ones you need to be careful with.

I was recently introduced to the Farmers Market knives from Kuhn Rikon.

About Kuhn Rikon
For more than 80 years, Kuhn Rikon has maintained a lively dialogue with cooks who love to cook and appreciate the convenience of kitchenware designed to make their work easier. Those who delight in entertaining and take pride in a beautifully decorated table will definitely find appeal in Kuhn Rikon products. They are stunningly styled yet superbly functional.

About Kuhn Rikon Farmers Market Knives
-Colorful and Fun
-Made from Japanese stainless steel for long lasting top performance

My Thoughts
I received 2 of the Kuhn Rikon Farmers Market knives for review. I received the orange and the purple. Both knife blades are 4 inches long, which I found to be the perfect length. The orange blade is serrated, while the purple was not. Both blades were super sharp and cut right through everything I tested them on. I tested these to: cut bread, slice tomatoes, cut cheese, peel apples and other fruits and much more. Nothing stuck to the blade as I was slicing, which made prep quicker and easier. I was never disappointed with their performance. Each time I went to use them, they were always just as sharp as the first time. I really loved that each knife came with it's own matching color sheath. This is important for 2 reasons. The first is to protect you and your fingers when you are reaching for the knife in a drawer etc. The second reason is to protect the blade from getting damaged and dull in a drawer etc.

Overall, I love these knives! They are now my go to knives in the kitchen. I am very impressed by their bright colors and their quality. I would recommend these to anyone. I will be on the look out for more Kuhn Rikon products in the future because of how impressed I am with these knives.

You can purchase these knives at Kuhn Rikon for $10-$12 each. They are also on Amazon for about $10 each as well. These are well worth the price.


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