New negative trends in the blogging world?

I admit that I am relatively new to the blogging world but things have been coming together for me nicely. I love all of my followers on my blog, twitter and facebook but I have been noticing some not so good trends lately.

I am not sure if this post is meant to be a vent or just observations but certain trends have been bothering me. I am beginning to wonder if it's me and my blog or just things that come with the territory.

Bloggers do a lot of behind the scene work that you as followers may not know. We contact and talk with companies about doing reviews and giveaways on our blogs. Most of the time it is US who do the legwork and opportunities don't just appear in our email. Some do but only 50% or so. So it's disheartening when the trend as of lately is for companies and PR companies to respond via email and are accepting about working with us as bloggers and then have things go down hill.

The first trend I have dealt with is the one where companies or PR reps answer emails quickly before the product is shipped to me for review and then they seem to vanish off the face of the earth. What I mean by this is that I will email them to let them know I received the product, no reply. I will email them with the product review link, no response. I will email them with the winners information in the case of giveaways and no response. I don't think I am asking too much to at least respond to my email and let me know at the very least you received the winners information.

The next trend is that I have gotten emails from companies or PR reps who are excited to work with me. They may ask for my address or for me to accept their terms for a review/giveaway and when I give them the information, they stop responding. Again, a simple "We changed our minds about working with you at this point in time" would go a long way.

The last trend that really bugs me is after all the hard work with reviewing a product, running a giveaway and having my lovely followers enter, the prize is never received by the winner. It's disheartening for a winner to get a winning email and then never receive their prize. I have had 2 winners over the last couple weeks email me to inquire about where there prize is. Of course, I always look into it for them but yet again, once I send an email to the company/PR rep and don't get a response, it annoys me. If you are not going to follow through with sending a prize to the winner, please don't participate in giveaways.

So now I ask: Does this stuff just come with the territory of blogging? Should I not take this stuff so personally?


insomnia said…
I don't usually review. If I do, it's something that doesn't involve a product or give away, rather a place I have been to.
Anything that I have entered and won, I got what I won. Prefense sanitizer and some kids' books.
A response would be nice on the blooger's part though. I asked to review a costume and got to choose it, sat down with my daughter and picked it out. That company was right on top of every email I sent. The couple that I have inquired about certainly were very good. I am sorry that happened and you know for next time not to work with hem again.
Unknown said…
I have just started to review products and host giveaways from companies. So far I have not run into any problems.

However as a giveaway winner I have on multiple occasions never received my prize from the company. I understand that this is not the bloggers fault at all but I imagine that there are plenty winners that get upset at the blogger.

On one occasion the Pr that was responsible for providing me my prize left the company. The blogger was able to contact the company, through Twitter which is public and can apparently cause quite a stir if people notice the company is not trying to help. I managed to get my prize and all was forgiven.

I really hope I don't run into any of those problems but I wouldn't take it personally. After all how many bloggers are out there, so I'm sure they haven't just singled you out. It just shows you what companies not to work with or maybe even purchase from.

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