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I am a plus sized woman. Admittedly, I get a bit annoyed when shopping for panties and lingerie. Apparently if you're a plus sized woman, you should only wear granny panties and forget sexy lingerie. It's hard to find in plus sizes and even harder to find plus sizes at affordable prices! I guess plus size women shouldn't get to feel sexy. Continue reading if you're looking for Valentine's Day lingerie!
I recently stumbled upon and noticed they had a plus sized section. Now my previous experiences with "plus size" sections of retailers usually ends up with a horribly small selection and/or their idea of what is plus size is a joke. was a completely different experience while I browsed around. They had just about everything in TRUE plus sizes that they did in smaller sizes. Not only do they have a huge selection of plus sizes, their prices are fantastic! They have select panties available for 5/$20, which includes plus sizes and some prett…

Nutrisystem Week 14! #NSNation

I've now been on the Nutrisystem weight loss program for 14 weeks. I say this a lot but I cannot believe I have stuck with a weight loss program for this long. With Nutrisystem, it never seems like a diet and I tend not to use that word. It's just become a way of life for me at this point. The number one question I get about the program is: Is the food really that good?

Answer: I will be honest and say this: I have not liked every single food I have tried on the plan but I think that's to be expected with any plan. The first few months on the plan, I attempted to try just about every single food there was available so I could figure out what I liked the best. Not only that, but some foods seem more filling than others so I am now trying to stick with those. The more filled up I am after a meal, the better in my mind.

Some of the new foods that Nutrisystem has just released have been the honey wheat bagel, chocolate frosted donut, chicken tacos(frozen), burrito(frozen) and mi…

Smart and Sexy Review & Giveaway!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so it's a great time to start thinking about romance. When I think of romance and gifts, I think candy, flowers and lingerie. Smart and Sexy has a wide range of bras, panties and lingerie that are not only sexy but affordable!

About Smart and Sexy:
They bring you the latest trends, great designs and fabulous colors so that you can increase your confidence and enhance your body with sexy items without breaking the bank! With every garment they ship, they also make a donation to organizations that support women. How great is that?

Smart and Sexy sent me a pair of camo cheeky thong panties and an open front red babydoll set with thong panties.

The first thing I noticed about the items was the quality. Sure you can get cheap panties and lingerie but if they are cheaply made and poor quality, what's the point?

The camo cheeky thong panties were super comfortable. I needed a size 9 because I am a larger woman and I was a little concer…

Blaze UV Color Changing Nail Lacquer Review & Giveaway!

Nail polish is one of those things that I love. I love all of the different colors that are available but with so many brands of polishes out on the market, it's refreshing to see something completely different. Blaze certainly is something different!

About Blaze Nail Lacquers:
Blaze Nail Lacquer uses SolarActive technology and changes color when exposed to UV rays. Blaze works in all 4 seasons and their collection contains over 50 brilliant shades.
Blaze Nail Lacquer was gracious enough to send me their Night on the Town Collection.
I was so excited to try these when they arrived! I had never before heard of such a thing. Nail lacquer that changes colors when you go outside? AWESOME!
Included in the Night on the Town Collection:
1 Tahitian Skies Lacquer
1 Pop Pink Lacquer
1 Scented Cuticle Oil with real flowers
Tahitian Skies Lacquer is a gorgeous light blue shade that turns into Purple Rain.

Pop Pink Lacquer is a bright hot pink color that turns into a super pretty plum p…

Scentsy Review & Giveaway!

I recently discovered Scentsy. I had been hearing about it all over the place and decided that I was going to place an order and try some.
It was very appealing to me because I love my home to smell good. I could just use candles but they are not as appealing due to the soot, chance of fire if not properly put out or having my daughter end up near it and her get burned.
Scentsy is a direct selling, wickless candle company and has over 100,000 independent sales representatives called Independent Scentsy Consultants. I found my fabulous Scentsy Consultant via Twitter of all places!
I purchase