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Freschetta Rally for Real Pizza Promotion

I love pizza, always have and always will. However, not all frozen pizza is created equal. Freschetta frozen pizza is by far superior to other brands quite simply because they use the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Why do I Rally for Real Pizza for my family?
Simple! I want what is best for my daughter and myself so when we do decide to have frozen pizza, I want the best. The best frozen pizza to me is one with high quality ingredients. Not only high quality ingredients but the freshest as well. Who wants to eat pizza with poor quality, non fresh ingredients that has been frozen?EWWW! Not me and no one in my family will be subjected to such either. I only choose Freschetta pizza when picking out a frozen pizza because their ingredients are the freshest and the taste cannot be beat.
Join Freschetta's Rally for Real Pizza by submitting a photo to the Rally Mosaic on Facebook Each week we will select 100 winners -- to each receive 5 Freschett…

Kid Basix Safe Sporter Bottle Review

As parents, we want what is best for our children. We want them to drink more water instead of soda and sugary juices. The easiest way I personally have found that gets my daughter drinking water is with bottled water. She loves it because its cold, tastes better than tap water and it's in her own little bottle.

However, with all the negative press about how bad plastics are and how bad bottled water is for the environment, I switched her to a reusable plastic water bottle. which I thought was pretty safe and healthy....

Until Kid Basix contacted me in regards to their line of childrens sippy cups and bottles. It wasn't until I read about their products that it dawned on me how bad plastic and plastic water bottles (even the reusable kind) might be.

About Kid Basix (from their website) At Kid Basix, we started a revolution when we rethought the sippy cup and created the Safe Sippy™ no-spill bottle from clean, non-leaching stainless steel. But while BPA-free products are still im…

Nutrisystem Week 18! #NSNation

I am so loving the Nutrisystem weight loss program. I know I have said it before many times but I say it because it's true. The plan is so easy to follow, the foods are good and most importantly, it works. If you are considering Nutrisystem, please give it a try. During the month of February, they are celebrating 40 years with 40% off. I also can email anyone who would like to sign up for the program, a $30 coupon that would be good on your first order. Just contact me and I can send you the coupon.

My most favorite foods on Nutrisystem are: Cinnamon Bun for breakfast, Cinnamon Bun Bar for breakfast, Double Chocolate Muffin for breakfast, Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes for lunch, Fudge Graham Bar for lunch, Lasagna with meat sauce for dinner and Chili with beans for dinner. They are all super yummy and very filling.

I admit that it's been more difficult to adjust to the portion sizes than I thought it would be but after being on the plan for 18 weeks now, I am much more easily fil…

Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Review Plus a Giveaway! Ends 3/15

Shielo hair care products was founded in 2001, in New York City, after a need was found in NYC salons for more voluminous styles. Fast forward to 2007, when Shielo was available in clients' homes as well. Shielo uses concentrated formulas which are not diluted. They are against animal cruelty and use post-consumer packaging and recyclable packaging.

I was sent 3 Shielo hair care products for review. I received the Shielo Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo, Shielo Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner and the Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Protectant Spray.
Shielo Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo:  Contains UV protectants and antioxidants from White Tea which enhances color protection.
 Shea butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.
 Hibiscus  and Vanilla Cactus help soothe the scalp, which can become dry and irritated from color treatments.
A great treatment for all types of hair that become dry from chemical processing or the stress of heat styling.
Shielo Hydrate Vibrancy Co…

Hips & Curves Plus Size Lingerie Review & Giveaway! Ends 3/15

I'm a plus size woman and finding clothing that fits let alone is stylish is extremely hard to find these days. Even worse is trying to find sexy lingerie. Valentine's Day is over for the year but who says lingerie and feeling sexy should only occur one day a year or only on special occasions? I think lingerie can sometimes get a bad reputation that it is only worn by certain types of women. That is not the case. Sure, there is more daring and wild types of lingerie out there but for the most part, I just see lingerie as a way to feel sexy and feminine for yourself or for that special someone in your life. What's wrong with feeling sexy? Every woman deserves to feel sexy in my opinion, no matter what size they are.
So I recently found a great plus size lingerie website called Hips & Curves and they have it all! They have the hottest, newest and sexiest styles around for plus size women. They only cater to plus sizes and they believe you should flaunt those curves! I ask…

Nutrisystem Week 17! #NSNation

I am moving right along on the Nutrisystem weight loss program and have finished 17 weeks on the plan. Excuse me while I feel a sense of accomplishment here. Let me tell you why: Just sticking to a plan for 17 weeks, is an accomplishment in itself for me. I don't think I have ever made it passed about 3-4 weeks on other plans. Many reasons why including the food tasted bad, took too much time to prepare or took too many ingredients that I just couldn't afford or quite simply, I was always hungry.

I am never hungry on Nutrisystem and there are some meals that I "force" myself to eat simply because you should eat all the required food every day.

So let me tell you about my week:

-Last Sunday was my Birthday. I am not at the point where I believe that I can have non Nutrisystem plan food and get right back on track. Been there, done that with the Holidays and such. Unfortunately, each time I splurged on non plan foods, it took forever to get back on track for me and I …

Chica Password Manager Review & Giveaway! 3 Winners!

I don't know about all of you but I have a billion different accounts online and they all require a password. Passwords for email, Facebook, Twitter, internet shopping and the list goes on and on and on. I have been guilty of using the same password for multiple accounts of mine online even though I know it's not a wise choice. On the other hand, how on earth is someone supposed to remember all of those passwords?
What if there was an easy way to create secure passwords and store them securely on your computer as well?
Now you can with Chica Password Manager!

Chica Password Manager Features:

Creates Strong PasswordsStores them securely in the encrypted database

Imports Passwords — Automatically imports from other sites and programs
Convenient  One Master Password to remember for all of your accounts
Automatic Logins — Recognizes your password-protected sites and logs you in automatically
Organizes — Arrange your passwords any way you like with the enhanced groups function
Saves Time…

Master Lock Celebrates National Random Acts of Kindness Week - 2/13-2/19

While improving health, fitness and organization consistently rank among the top New Year’s resolutions for consumers, recent research shows most Americans have trouble sticking to resolutions. By February, 36 percent of people have already abandoned their resolution, and by April, this total increases to 54 percent1. To help consumers stay on track, Master Lock is celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Week® (February 13 – 19) by offering a variety of tips and products that are sure to help Americans lock-up their resolutions. Throughout the week, visitors to the brand’s Facebook page can enter daily for a chance to win free Master Lock products through a national sweepstakes. The company also will inspire gym-goers in select cities to stick to their fitness plans by handing out free 1534D Set-Your-Own Combination Password locks.
“A New Year’s resolution to positively change or enhance your life is an admirable goal if you can stick to it,” said Rebecca Smith, vice…

Oral-B $20 Rebate and Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000 Power Toothbrush Giveaway!

I reviewed the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000 Power Toothbrush a few months ago. I loved it then, am still using it daily and still love it. It works great!

Oral-B is offering yet another $20 rebate on select electric toothbrushes from now until March 4, 2012. For more information about this rebate or to print, you can go to the Oral-B website HERE.

Nutrisystem Week 16! #NSNation

As you all know, I've been doing the Nutrisystem weight loss program. I hope you all have been following along and reading my journey. Most of all, I hope I have at least inspired ONE of you out there in some way. I am now at the end of week 16 on the program and was asked if I wanted to continue on the plan for another 3 months. Without even thinking about it, I said yes. This plan is so amazing and is the ONLY plan that has ever worked for me. I didn't get to be over 300lbs at 31 years old by having plans and diets that worked. So a HUGE thank you to Nutrisystem!

I am in LOVE with the Nutrisystem chocolate protein shakes. I tried 2 of the 3 other flavors and didn't much care for those but the chocolate is pure heaven. The blender bottle that Nutrisystem has is a MUST as well. Simply add your shake, water and the wire whisk ball, put the lid on and shake about 40 times and done. There are NO clumps at ALL! It mixes really well!

My birthday is tomorrow (the 12th) and I am tu…

Harvey Prince Perfumes Review & 2 Giveaways! Ends 2/20

Fragrances are powerful things. They can remind you of certain people or places, they can calm and soothe as well as a wealth of other things. I love perfume and have quite the collection. Perfumes make me feel sexy and feminine.
I recently discovered Harvey Prince Perfumes.
About Harvey Prince Harvey Prince was developed by 2 brothers as a gift to their mother. It began as a rebellious idea. You see, they wanted boutique-quality scents but didn't want them to be overwhelming, overpriced or filled with toxic chemicals! Their mother loves honest products that feel and smell great, so one Mother's Day, they crafted a scent that captured her effortless and radiant aura.
The result became the first of their signature scents: Ageless
All of the Harvey Prince perfumes are crafted in the USA, are 100% cruelty free and contain no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, benzene, GMO's or triclosan.
"We craft inspired, high-quality fragrances, each with its own spirit and story"

Reds All Natural Burritos Review & Giveaway! Ends 2/29

I love Mexican food and better yet, I love foods that can be made quickly. The problem with most quick meals, especially frozen, is that they usually are not very healthy. When it comes to frozen Mexican burritos, I have had my fair share of them in the past and the one thing that always bugged me, beyond the amount of calories and sodium, was their tortillas would always come out crunchy.

This is where Reds All Natural Burritos comes in. Their all natural burritos come in 4 varieties:

Bean & RiceTurkey MoleChickenSteak
I was sent a couple of coupons for Reds All Natural Burritos so I could get a few to do this review. I got to try all of the varieties except for the Turkey Mole.
My Thoughts
I could not believe the size of these things! Seriously, they are 11 ounces! That's HUGE and not something you usually find in a frozen burrito. They were heaping full of filling too. I made one in the microwave to put it to the ultimate test. 
Would these burritos be just like all the oth…

Share the Love Giveaway Hop! #Win a Kindle Fire + $25 Dapper Snappers Gift Card!

Welcome to the Share the Love Giveaway Hop hosted by  ShePromotes! This event will take place from 9am EST on February 7th and end at approximately 11:59pm EST on February 14th. There are lots of great prizes offered to share the love with you.  The prizes are not all love or Valentine's Day themed, we just are simply sharing our love for great products with you! After you are done entering our giveaway you'll want to check out everyone else's AND enter for a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE Kindle Fire sponsored by Tweetalicious 
 Each blog you stop and enter at will be another entry!

For my giveaway, I am offering a $25 gift certificate to Dapper Snappers. They carry toddler belts as well as big kid belts. I recently reviewed one of their big kid belts which you can read about HERE.

RULES: You must be 18 or older to enter and live in the US. Giveaway ends 2/14/12 at 11:59 pm eastern time. One winner will be picked using and emailed. Winner will ha…

Discover Your Winter Cocktail and $20 Crate & Barrel GC Giveaway!

In celebration of the winter season, Robb Report presents the Discover Your Winter Cocktail Blog App. Everyone has their favorite cocktail, but have you wondered what winter cocktail fits you best?  Take the Discover Your Winter Cocktail quiz and you can find out by answering a few simple questions!

Discover Your Winter Cocktail. Answer a few questions to see what winter cocktail suits you best!

Little Known Liquor Facts! This fun guide will give you little known facts about liquor you may not have known!

Give a Winter Twist to Four Classic Cocktails!  Everyone has their favorite drink and most of the time they are the tried and true classics. Now you can spice up your classic cocktail with a fun holiday twist!  Great to share with friends or become the hit of your holiday party!

Check out these great winter cocktail recipes!

Chocolate Snowball Ingredients: 2 oz coconut rum2 oz  Irish cream1 oz hazelnut liqueur3 1/2 oz melted chocolate3 1/2 oz cream1 dash chocolate syrup Preparation: Pla…

Dapper Snappers Big Kid Belt Review! Giveaway Coming SOON!

My daughter is 7 years old and is 4'3" tall. Because of her height, finding jeans that fit properly is a big problem. They always fit in the length but not around the waist. I have tried belts but either they are too long, too short or she has a hard time unbuckling them when she needs to use the bathroom etc. Plus most girls belts I have seen, aren't girly in the color or design.
I was recently asked to review a big kids belt from Dapper Snappers. I was definitely interested and hoped that this might solve our jeans issue.
About Dapper Snapper Big Kid Belts -Made from high quality suspender elastic -Magnetic clasps for the boys belts -Interlocking closure for the girls belts -Fully adjustable length (great for children 5-9 years old) -Made in the USA! -Many colors to choose from! -CPSIA tested and approved!

I was able to choose which big girls belt I wanted for my daughter. I chose pink just because that's her favorite color. When it arrived, I noticed that it was fully …

Nutrisystem Week 15! #NSNation

I know I say this a lot but seriously..How does 15 weeks go by so fast? I cannot believe I've been on Nutrisystem for 15 weeks. That's almost 4 full months! WOW!

Things were pretty good this week except I was slacking on the drinking water. I have no idea why or even have an excuse for that. I will do better next week :)

I didn't lose this week but at least I didn't gain!

Last weeks weight: 315.6lbs

This weeks weight: 315.6lbs

No Loss!

Total loss in 15 weeks: 21.4lbs

Now, before you view the video I put together, you should know that I am experimenting this month. I ordered foods that keep me fuller longer to see if that impacts my weight loss at all or not. I did NOT order tons of these items because I don't like anything else. I love lots of the other foods, trust me, but not all of them keep me as full as the ones I ordered tons of.

Without further ado, my horribly created video of what it's like to get the frozen food and shelf stable shipments and what's inclu…

Tea Collection Bali Collection Review and $100 Tea Collection Gift Card Giveaway!

A few months ago, I did a review of Tea Collection clothing. It was my first experience with their children's clothing but ever since I have been hooked! Never heard of Tea Collection before? You are missing out!
About Tea Collection Tea Collection was started in 2002 in San Francisco with 3 beautiful, pima cotton baby sweaters and a vision of bringing the fusion of worldwide cultures and modern design to fashion.
Tea Collection designs distinctive fashion collections inspired by the beauty they discover in their travels around the world. From the iconic art and architecture of Barcelona to the graphic boldness of Brazilian street graffiti, they interpret their discoveries into beautiful, dynamic styles for children, ages 0-12. Tea Collection launched their women's collection in the fall of 2010 in that same spirit—easy-going, culturally-connected styles designed to fit your life.

For Spring 2012, Tea went on an island journey and traveled to Bali, a little place with a whole lot …