Aardvark Strainer Review & Giveaway Ends 5/30!

I was recently asked to review the Aardvark strainer. At first, I hesitated but after seeing what all you can do with it, I happily agreed.

The Aardvark strainer was created to make the perfect ice cream floats without the foamy, sticky mess but it can be used for so much more!


The patented Aardvark strainer comes in two colors: green or yellow.

The directions for using the Aardvark strainer to make an ice cream float:

-Place the Aardvark in a glass
 -Add ice
-Pour root beer in
-Remove the Aardvark
-Add your ice cream

That's it. Then you have a wonderful ice cream float without all the foamy and sticky mess!

But the Aardvark can be used for more things including chilling wine and other beverages and rinsing just a small amount of produce which is great for portion control and dieting. Another use? Use for items that come in a jar with juice that you rarely use the entire jar of at once time such as olives or cherries. Simply allow the Aardvark to strain your olives (and by allowing the juice to be saved in another container of your choice) , place into a tray for that upcoming party or summer BBQ and when the party is over, you can place the olives back into the jar, complete with juice.

I have used the Aardvark strainer for about a week now and have really been enjoying it. My daughter wanted to try to make an ice cream float to see if the claim was true about no mess. The claim is absolutely true. There was NO foamy and sticky mess when we made ours. I have also used it to strain single servings of fruit and vegetables. Instead of rinsing a whole pound of strawberries, I only rinse what I am going to eat at that certain time or on that certain day. It definitely can help with portion control because as we all know, the more food that's in front of us, the more we eat. So if there is only a small amount of fruit cleaned, that's all you're going to eat.

I love my new Aardvark strainer. I think it's an ingenious idea and has a lot of uses. It's made real well and is even dishwasher safe!

Buy It: You can purchase an Aardvark strainer of your own by visiting their website. Each strainer is $9.99.

Win It: Two lucky readers in the US or Canada will each win their own Aardvark strainer!

RULES: You must be 18 or older to enter and live in the US or Canada. Giveaway ends 5/30/12 at 11:59 pm eastern time. Winners will be picked using Random.org and will be emailed. If winners don't reply within 48 hours, winner(s) will be picked in their place.

Disclosure: I received a complementary sample in order to facilitate a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions were honest and my own.
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Troy Breiland said…
The strainer looks like it would be great for cleaning and straining strawberries before I put them on my cereal.
this would help me save alot of space on my counter top when cooking
MommaMary said…
I would make floats and rinse small fruit.
I love the idea of using it to chill drinks and then remove ice to keep my sensitive teeth from being irritated.
adf said…
This woul de perfect for when I make pasta
Caitlin McClure said…
Rinse small portions of fruits and vegetables
Anonymous said…

sarah u said…
i would use it for cleaning fruit

Catie said…
I would use this like crazy! Rinsing veggies and fruits, chilling drinks - I'd love to have this!
Heather! said…
I like the idea of being able to quickly serve olives or pickles, etc. by using the Aardvark! Honestly...to think I used to pull them out of the jar one by one...duh! This is so much smarter!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
looks environmentally safe

edq143 at yahoo dot com
tranch said…
i would use it for cleaning fruit
CAJUNMAN12 said…
I would use it to wash fruits and vegatables
mverno said…
i would use it for fruits and drinks
mogrill said…
Id use it to clean fruits and veggies.
Thanks for the chance.
willdebbie said…
I would use it for chilling
christal couturier
Brittani said…
I'd definitely make a root beer float!
kroch said…
I would use it to quickly rinse the perfect portion of berries

Katie R.

Dancehottie1621 at aol dot com
Melody Spence said…
I think to chill drinks.
Laura Jacobson said…
I would use it all the time to wash Carter's Strawberries! He just loves them but being so little...he just eats a few...so this would be great to clean them!
landfjacobson @ charter.net
katybaby said…
I'd use it to make floats!
Jenna Wood said…
I would use it to clean blueberries!
Hotsnotty2 said…
I would use it for cleaning fruit

Anonymous said…
love ice cream so probably would make floats!
lisa said…
I would make floats
Danielle C said…
this would help me save alot of space on my counter top when cooking. cdcoffellx3 at gmail dot com
ferriz said…
i would use it for coke floats.

dani marie

Kendra Warstler said…
This product would be perfect when I do my canning of fruits and veggies
Tamar said…
mint chocolate chip ice cream floats!
Anonymous said…
i would use it to chill drinks

schueler1 said…
I would use this to make floats
Xander said…
I just cook for myself so single serving straining might be really convenient!
Erin Cook said…
I would make my children floats
amy16323 said…
for cleaning fruit
i eat fruit every day - this would help me our so much in the morning :)
mightynaynay said…
Rinsing veggies and fruits
Breanne said…
I'd make a root beer float
missrantsypants said…
to make coke floats for my hubby!

Melanie MOntgomery
Leslie S. said…
I would use for rinsing blueberries and making coke floats.
babytrees said…
this would make it easy for my daughter to have her fruit for snacks!!

theresa _ heppner at yahoo dot com
daveshir2005 said…
Rinsing berries.


fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

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