Changes in Giveaway Entries - Effective Immediately *Updated*

Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you all about some giveaway entry changes that are in effect immediately. I want you ALL to know that I appreciate you and without you all, my blog wouldn't be what it is today.

I love bringing you product reviews and giveaways but due to some unfortunate issues, I must make changes on giveaway entries due to TOS's of certain social media companies.

They are as follows:

Facebook - There will no longer be any entries related to my Facebook fan page on any giveaways. Due to another bloggers fan page being shut down for an unknown reason but most likely related to the number of "likes" she was receiving and also somehow related to giveaways, I have no choice right now but to remove all Facebook entries. I don't want my Facebook fan page shut down so until further notice, no Facebook related entries related to my page. There is a link to my Facebook page in the right side bar and I would still love to gain fans but cannot due so right now within giveaways. I will still hopefully be posting my giveaways on my fan page. 

*After much consideration, I have decided to add Like me on Facebook as an entry on giveaways. Only my own personal giveaways and not group giveaways*

Google+ - No more Google+ entries. According to their TOS, I cannot have fans follow me on Google+ or +1 a post as a giveaway entry. To further protect my Google+ fan page, I will no longer be posting my giveaways on it either.

Pinterest - I will no longer be having "Repin this giveaway" as an entry option on giveaways. Due to their TOS, they prefer all pins to be natural and not any incentive for pinning.

These TOS's are crazy and ridiculous and as most of you know that us bloggers get better product reviews and opportunities with the more followers etc on a social media account that we have. 


S0 with that, thank you to all my followers, no matter how you follow. I will be looking into new ways to follow my blog so you don't miss out on reviews and giveaway posts and will update soon.

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