Do You Follow Me on GFC or via Google Reader? Read This!

Hey everyone! I think every time I read another article online about social media, it seems to directly affect my blog and/or my readers.

Anyhow, as you may have heard, Google Reader will be no longer as of July. If you follow via Google Friend Connect, you receive all of my posts via Google Reader as well as if you just follow me via Google Reader. As of July, you will no longer be able to read my posts via either method.

If you enjoy my blog posts and giveaways, please consider following me via another method.

Current options, with email being the best as you won't miss any posts or giveaways. One email is sent per day that any posts appear on my blog on that day.



GFC isn't actually going away in July...just google reader. It's still good to follow via other methods as well though since I personally think that option will be going on the door soon as well.

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