Update About Giveaway Entries, Beware Cheaters and Facebook Advice

The other day, I wrote a blog post about changes in my giveaway entries. One of which was removing all Facebook fan page related entries. They were all removed from my giveaways.

After much consideration, I have decided that I am going to add Liking me on Facebook back into the mix of giveaway entries but only for my own personal giveaways and never for group giveaways moving forward.

I also want to remind anyone who has multiple Facebook pages for the purpose of cheating on giveaways. As far as MY blog is concerned, you are wasting your time. The Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools widgets allow me to check IP addresses and other certain information so I would know pretty quickly if you're a cheater. If I believe you're a cheater, you will NEVER win any of my giveaways.

Plus, you are at risk of having all of your Facebook pages shut down as you are only to have one Facebook page per person. Beyond that, they have a automated system to detect spam/multiple accounts. Even with just one Facebook page, you could have it shut down. Facebook seems to think that if you only enter giveaways etc with your page, you are a spammer or have multiple accounts. They think the same thing if you only play games etc too.

Do yourself a favor: Keep only one Facebook page and with your one and only page, keep entering giveaways but interact on Facebook in some manner on a regular basis other than giveaways or just playing games. This will potentially avoid YOUR page being flagged as spam and/or shut down.


Unknown said…
That's so sad about people having multiple FB accounts for giveaways. I can't believe people would do that!!
Unknown said…
@Jessica Pelasky

It's unfortunate but when it comes to winning a prize, people will try most anything to win, including cheating.
Thanks for sharing! Since I share a facebook account with my hubby I avoid liking pages I know I won't read so they don't fill up his news feed. I only get on to run my own facebook fan pages for my blogs. And after I found out about pages being shut done for using likes for giveaways I've stopped doing that as well.

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