The Benefits of Online Dating Featuring PlentyOfFish

Disclosure: I received compensation from PlentyOfFish as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Online dating has become the normal way of finding a relationship. With dating websites such as PlentyOfFish, there are many benefits to using them as a way of meeting someone new as compared to the old fashioned way of meeting someone.

The number one benefit in my mind would definitely be the safety factor. With online dating, you can reveal as much or as little information as YOU want to. No more just handing out your phone number to someone who asks for it at the bar or some other public place. Now in the privacy of your own home, you can get to know someone first before ever giving out any revealing information. 

Another benefit to online dating is certainly that many are free of charge to join. You no longer need to spend any money going out to bars and buying prospective mates drinks, only to find out that you're not compatible in some way. This also potentially can save money and your time by being able to get to know someone before ever asking or agreeing to go on a date. Nothing is worse than wasting your time and/or money on a date, only to find out you have nothing in common. The video below is a perfect example of that. 


This brings me to the next benefit of online dating. You can find out all about potential dates just by reading a profile. You can typically find out things like height, weight, what they enjoy doing for fun, what they do for work and more. You can easily get a feel for their personality and know a lot about them before even saying hello. This can also reduce the feeling of rejection or embarrassment. It's much easier on the ego to send a quick message to someone you are eyeing on a website and get no response than it is to walk up to someone and start a conversation and be rejected.

With online dating websites such as PlentyOfFish, there are literally millions (3.6 million people use PlentyOfFish every single day!) of people to search for and get to know. Your soul mate could live in the next town over from yours but you would have never had the chance to meet if not for online dating.

One of my favorite benefits to online dating would be how easily accessible it is. Most everyone has a computer so starting the process to online dating is super easy. With a few clicks, you're done and ready to meet someone new. Many websites also have apps for smartphones so you can even browse and chat with new people on the go. We are all busy people who don't always have time to get out and meet someone but with online dating, you don't have to. Unless of course, you meet someone you want to meet up with in person.

More and more relationships are started from online dating and in fact, PlentyOfFish alone creates 1 million relationships each year. There are many websites around the internet that are for dating purposes but PlentyOfFish has readjusted themselves and now focuses on creating more serious relationships. Marriage minded individuals can feel better about using PlentyOfFish from here on out as a result.

The dating world can be a scary place. I know as I've been there in the past but with online dating, it's certainly made the process much easier, less stressful and fun! Join the fun and meet someone new TODAY by clicking HERE!

Disclosure: I received compensation from PlentyOfFish as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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