Tips for Purchasing a New Car

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts are honest, remain my own and may vary from yours.

Buying a new car doesn't have to be intimidating anymore with thanks to the internet. With websites like, the car buying process just got much easier. I have some tips for purchasing a new car.

Do your research

I cannot stress this enough. Research everything from the dealer and how they treat customers before, during and after the sale, prices, and even the safety ratings. allows you to compare cars side by side and even has expert advice recommendations and articles.

How much car can you afford?

Figure out your finances and how much car you can afford before hitting the dealership. This is a must! Do not be one of those people who are sold more car than they actually can afford. Be sure to stick to this budget amount and don't let the dealer talk into a more expensive car or a different car than you're wanting. Be sure to account for other car expenses on top of the car payment too. This includes car insurance, gas and maintenance.

Consider both new and used cars

 You don't always have to get a new car. There are plenty of great deals on used cars out there. Some are only a year or two old, with low mileage that even come with the remaining manufacturers warranty. Buying used can save you a lot of money. offers the ability to search both new and used cars. You can also filter by price, features, location, color and more.

Your trade in value

You need to find out ahead of time what your trade in is worth. The dealer is going to offer you less than what it's actually worth in the hopes that you have no clue what it's worth because they are in the business of making money. The less they can pay you for a trade, the better. Make it known you are aware of what your trade is worth and don't take less. allows you to figure out what your car is worth for trade in purposes.

Check out multiple dealers

 Looking at more than one dealer allows you to view inventory not only at your local dealers but also dealers who are 10, 20 or even more miles away. allows you view inventory and prices of dealers as far away as you choose. You could save money by buying a car 25 miles away. You could also use this knowledge of pricing to negotiate with your local dealer to get a better price.

What features are most important?

Make a list of must have features that you want in a new car. If certain features are not that important to you, why pay for them? All brands of cars have multiple models of cars that have different features. The LT of a model may have more than the LS for example but if you don't care about most of the LT features or won't ever use them, why pay more for the LT?

Buying a car doesn't have to be a long drawn out process anymore. In the comfort of your own home, allows you to research and gain the knowledge you will need to purchase that new or used car with confidence.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts are honest, remain my own and may vary from yours.


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